Veggie travel: Tips for vegetarians and vegans on vacay

By | March 17, 2018

Veggie travel: Tips for vegetarians and vegans on vacay

If you are not a meat eater, you may find it hard to eat out when you are traveling. If you don’t want to sacrifice your lifestyle for the sake of your vacation, here are some tips you could use next time you fly.

Pack your own meals
While this might seem like overkill, packing your meals can give you an energy foods when there are no vegan restaurants nearby. You can choose to make a snack or simple dish using your fave fruit or veggies, and enjoy it when hunger strikes. Use your favorite vegan combos in order to prepare something delicious.

Bring food on the plane
Maybe you are not convinced you will find the food you want on the plane, so you can always buy one beforehand. Most supermarkets carry a selection of ready to eat meals for vegans, and you can take that with you when flying. If you don’t feel like having a big meal or a messy salad, you can simply make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It will fill you up and give you an energy boost for hours to come.

Check the airport restaurants
Most large airports have vegan restaurants where you can satiate your hunger. Browse around and you may just be able to find hummus dishes, salads, and a variety of desserts to enjoy while waiting for your flight.

Let the airline know
After booking your flight, a good idea is to let the airline know what your food requirements are. It may take up to 48 hours to prepare meals, so you should make sure to communicate your vegan needs in advance.

Locate vegan places
Almost every city or destination has its own vegan food places, but you should do some research before leaving. Search for vegan food blogs in the area, and get acquainted with the options available as well as addresses. If you can’t find anything, a good choice is asking the hotel staff. They will probably provide you with some good suggestions that will make eating out a lot easier.

Go to farmer’s markets
Many cities offer a farmers markets where locals and tourists alike buy fresh products from. Here you will usually be able to find fresh veggies and fruit and maybe even organic options for good prices. In addition to sticking to a vegan diet, you will also support the local community.

Plan your trip
If you located a restaurant you would like to eat at, don’t be afraid to ask about vegetarian dishes. Most of the Italian or Mexican places provide vegan dishes you could enjoy. If you want to eat something in particular, you can also ask if the recipe can be modified. While in the past few restaurants agreed to this, now this practice became more and more common as the number or vegans increased.

Sticking to these simple rules will make eating out much more enjoyable and fun. As a plus, you will not have to worry about starving on vacation.