Trump Taj Mahal – New Jersey

By | March 29, 2018

Do you need to know at least five reasons to go to Trump Taj Mahal (New Jersey)? If your answer is “yes,” then you should continue reading. You’ll probably discover your new favorite vacation spot!

For a 5 star dining experience
Choosing where to have dinner can turn into a challenge. You’ll have to wonder what type of cuisine you want to try: Chinese, Japanese, Italian, or a plain old steak? Keep in mind that the food in the Asian and Italian restaurants come with a twist: imagine an Jizake Love Sake-tini or the old fashion Italian restaurants from New York.

For the shopping experience
People enjoy shopping no matter where they are. Marshall Rousso, Shiseido, and Landau, are just three of the shops you’ll find around when staying at the Trump Taj Mahal. In these stores you’ll be able to find a beautiful evening dress, high quality Japanese cosmetics, and beautiful jewelry. There are several shops around if you explore.

For a spa treatment
The Trump Taj Mahal is the place to go to if you want a Swedish massage. Additionally you can choose an aromatherapy or a hot stone treatment. All you have to do is decide how you want to relax.

To workout
If you’re embarrassed to go your local gym as a novice, staying for a few days at a hotel can be a great idea. Most hotels have a fitness center equipped with the latest and most challenging workout machines.

For the amazing entertaining
You’ll have to check out the calendar of events to see who will perform and when. Usually the events happen on Saturdays and in summer. With a little bit of luck you’ll be able to attend shows by Alice in Chains or Whitesnake. You will have to make a reservation for your tickets though, as some shows might sell out faster than others.