Top 10 places to visit in Wilmington – North Carolina

By | March 13, 2017

Wilmington - North CarolinaIf you are wondering which are the most interesting places to visit in Wilmington, read on. This city is rich in touristic attractions, so you will not regret visiting it. Furthermore, the city holds a very rich history that you may want to learn about.

Cape Fear Museum
If you are interested in America’s rich history, visit the Cape Fear Museum. The museum shows a story about the Civil War era, and you will get to see artifacts belonging to that time.

Thalian Hall Center
The 1858 built museum is now a place where the city’s main performances take place. There are many events taking place here on a constant basis, such as many jazz performances. If you are a lover of art, then this is the place to go.

Airlie Gardens
The beautiful gardens contain some trees which are over 400 years old, and many other exotic flowers. The Gardens are by no means a new attraction, having been established in 1886. Self guided tours are allowed here, and the gardens can be visited for free.

Downtown Wilmington
If you visit the downtown area of the city, you will also reach the Historic District. The region is packed with shops, but also restaurants that you may like to experience. In addition to that, riverboat tours are also available here. This is an attraction suitable for the entire family.

Bellamy Mansion
Maybe you want to see some historical homes, and in that case Bellamy Mansion is the perfect place to go. The mansion is older than 150 years, and a very popular tourist attraction. The mansion is open every day except for the holidays.

Cape Fear Serpentarium
If you are a fan of snakes and crocodiles, the best place to visit is Cape Fear Serpentarium. Here you will be able to enjoy watching your favorite animals in their natural habitat. This place is a great location for the entire family.

Poplar Grove Plantation
Maybe you want to see how plantations used to be back one century ago, so take a tour of the Poplar Grove Plantation found in Wilmington. The house has been turned into a museum back in 1980. Nowadays you can visit this plantation every day, with a shorter schedule on weekends.

Cameron Art Museum
The Art Museum is the ideal place to go for lovers of art. Here you will get to see collections displayed by local but also international artists. There are many events taking place here each month, but the museum also includes a cafe where you can have drinks.

Children’s Museum of Wilmington
If you visit Wilmington with your kids, don’t forget to take them to the children’s museum. This museum offers many educational programs the little ones may love engaging in, but also games and other fun attractions.

Wilmington Railroad Museum
This museum preserved the railway just like it used be over a century ago. The museum includes original exhibits that you cannot see anywhere else, and makes for a fun trip with your family.