Top 10 places to visit in San Bernardino – California

By | June 17, 2018


Traveling is an experience everyone should have from time to time. Now you’ll learn about the top 10 places to visit in San Bernardino (California) and why.


March Airfield Museum

Humans always dreamt of being able to fly, and ever since this was possible, March Field helped with its development. March Field is still in use today as a trainer base, however most people come here to see more than 70 historic aircrafts. Children might be especially interested in this museum.


Mission Inn

This inn is on the higher end when it comes to booking, however taking a stroll around its premises to see a construction dating back to 1879 should be free of charge. Nobody will hold it against you if you want to buy some beautiful cupcakes, something from the boutique or even have a treatment at the spa.



Fast food is not healthy, and most people agree with this statement. However when it comes to seeing the first McDonald’s restaurant ever opened, many folks would be a tiny bit curious. At first in 1948, the place was a barbecue restaurant where fries were as cheap as 10 cents.


Renaissance Pleasure Faire

The fair takes place from April until May and it awaits with lots of fun activities for all ages. For instance, you can shop for various crafts, eat delicious foods, watch some parades and plays, and more. Most costumes worn by the fair participants and visitors are typical for the late Elizabethan era.


San Bernardino National Forest

If you want to go camping or take pictures of breathtaking views, this is the place to go to. Very large trees, sharp turns and steep hills are just a few of the forest’s attractions.


Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens offer a great way to relax because they are usually quiet. This particular garden collected the flora specific to the State of California for everyone’s enjoyment and learning pleasure.


San Bernardino County Museum

This museum combines history and natural history for those who want to learn more about the past. The children might be really interested in seeing the exhibitions especially if they don’t get to see too many animals on a regular basis.


Orange Empire Railway Museum

Another museum for those who like to travel, but this time the trip is done by train. Visitors can also go on a ride on restored historic trains as well as trolley cars. If you want to plan an original party, you might even do that here.


Red Hill Country Club

If you want to play some golf either to relax or rehearse your swing, this is a good place as any. You should know this is one of the oldest golf clubs in California, however it is well maintained and has beautiful landscapes.


Deep Creek Hot Springs

Visitors are first hiking before reaching the hot springs, making it to the destination is quite a reward. Driving there is also possible, but only with a good car. Clothing is optional at the springs, so you should probably not come with minors.