Top 10 places to visit in Richmond – Virginia

By | September 10, 2018

richmondThese are the top 10 places to visit in Richmond (Virginia) and why, in case you ever wanted to visit this city.

Canal Walk
Build at the orders of George Washington, this walk connected the east coast harbors with the western markets. Today, the 1.25 miles long Walk tells the 400 years long history of Richmond through statues, historic sights and more. Outdoor concerts and seasonal fairs also take place here.

Edgar Allan Poe Museum
The famous poet lived in Richmond for several years, and the museum dedicated to him is in The Old Stone House. If you’re a fan of his, you’ll want to visit the House to see some of his personal items, original manuscripts and other items related to him.

St. John’s Episcopal Church
This is the oldest church in town and the location where Patrick Henry said a now famous quote. The church dates back to the 1741 and it is located in a part of city that seems unaffected by the Civil War. Poe Museum is in the same area.

White House of the Confederacy
This is where Jefferson Davis used to live during the Civil War. You may want to visit the House during all the seasons as the decorations are changed accordingly. Furthermore, the furnishings are specific to the Rococo-revival style to make the House look just as it used to when Jefferson Davies and his wife lived there.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
If you like art dating back to the early 1900s then you must visit this museum. It houses European, African, Himalayan and Contemporary American art. All exhibits seem to put to shame many other similar museums from around the world.

Wickham House
You’ll want to go see this place for a glimpse into what life used to be like back in the 19th century. While you’ll generally get a better understanding of the life of those in the upper class, keep an eye open for when the basement is opened to the public. This is where you’ll learn more about the lives of the slaves.

Perhaps this is one of the best places to go see if you want to feel closer to the nature, while in Richmond. This is an estate including an arboretum, a pet petting farm, several gardens and more. if you think you’ll get hungry, make sure to bring a picnic.

Civil War Center
The Civil War was a little bit more complicated than many people think. Learning about it from the perspective of the Union, the Confederates, as well as that of the African-Americans can only be done by visiting this Center.

John Marshall House
This house is specific to the style in the Federal period through architecture and furnishing. Everyone should know that it is John Marshall who helped shaping important ideas of the constitutional government, including the importance of the federal law over the state law.

Kings Dominion
Having had enough history lessons? Perhaps this amusement and water park will help you unwind. Buying the souvenir bottle will allow free drink refills, something you’ll be grateful for in the end.