Top 10 places to visit in North Las Vegas – Nevada

By | February 10, 2018

north-las-vegasSome places have more things to offer to tourists than other places. This is a top 10 places to visit in North Las Vegas (Nevada) and why.


The city’s skyline

The best way to go see any city’s skyline is from a really high point. When it comes to North Las Vegas this is in a helicopter. Make sure to book the one offering tours without doors on the helicopter as everyone said they were the best.


Shadow Creek Golf Course

This golf course was built at the end of the 1980s and has an 18 hole course. The course stands out because no view from the outside is possible and each hole is surrounded by trees for an intimate and secluded feeling.


Texas Station

You come here to gamble and to sleep and this is a casino and hotel that is family oriented. If you want to go to the movies you can do so right at the hotel.


High Roller Ferris Wheel on the Linq

This Ferris wheel is really tall as its highest point is at 550 feet up in the air. One full rotation lasts half an hour. The Ferris is not located in North Las Vegas, but it is an attraction you should go check out just the same. Up to 40 people can climb in a cabin.


Las Vegas Motor Speedway

This place is all about speed and racing. It is not a place to see per se, but somewhere to go to for an interesting experience at high speed. You can even camp here if you want to have a truly unique adventure.


Aliante Golf Club

If you were to read what others have to say about this golf course you’ll soon realize it is designed more for those who already know how to play golf. While the course is 8 holes long, most say that playing just 9 holes is enough.


Thai Buddhist Temple of Las Vegas

People love coming here because there is food being offered after the daily service held by the monks. The temple is surrounded mostly by a desert, giving the impression you’re in Tibet instead, thus having a more authentic feel. Watch out for the seasonal festivals as well.


Aliante Nature Discovery Park

It is free to enter this park and it has quite a nice selection of things to offer to the whole family. For instance you can watch ducks swimming, enjoy the splash area or even have the kids play in the sandbox or in the dinosaur themed area.


The Planetarium

Not everyone has the possibility of going somewhere in the middle of nowhere to stare at the stars. The telescope used here is quite powerful even though the the planetarium is quite small when compared to others. Many kids love this place, so make sure to bring yours here as well.


Aliante Station Casino

This is a newer casino in Las Vegas and given its location, off-strip, you might find it more friendly. The casino has a hotel with a pool as well, therefore it has many things to offer, depending on what you’re interested in.