Top 10 places to visit in Irving – Texas

By | April 1, 2018

lake-carolyn_f5162cc0-6b62-422f-a3ad-a7015fef43e0This top 10 places to visit in Irving (Texas) and why is presented in no specific order and for those who plan to travel but have no idea of where to go.

Campion Trails
If you want to spend some quality time with your family or close friends going to the Campion Trails is what you must do. The views are stunning as you can see both the city and nature almost at the same time. Bringing a picnic here seems like a really good idea too.

Cottonwood Valley Course
This exclusive golf course has does have a really unique feature: a sand bunker having the same shape as the State of Oklahoma and the first green shaped like the state of Texas.Both beginners and advanced players will certainly get impressed by the appearance of this golf club.

Heritage House
The house belonged to the Schulze family, and it is perhaps the oldest building in town. It currently is decorated with pieces owned by the family and their heirs, giving it a more genuine appearance. You come here to learn more about the city’s past.

Mandalay Canals
Many people say that Venice is one of the most romantic cities on the planet thanks to Romeo and Juliet. One of the most romantic things one can do in Venice is a gondola ride. If you don’t have enough money to go to Italy, come to the Mandalay Canals for this experience – cheaper, but still romantic.

Irving Arts Center
For those who like various types of artistic expression, the Irving Arts Center might sound like a really nice destination to stop by. About four galleries, theaters and a selection of sculptures await visitors of all ages. This is where new artists can also showcase their work.

National Scouting Museum
A museum is a place where people go to if they want to learn more about random subjects. This museum offers multiple ways for the whole family to have fun while together. This is the official museum belonging to the Boy Scouts of America, and most of the activities are related to scouting.

Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center
This center tells the story of how the Bear Creek got formed. The center also tells the story around the slave emancipation during the 1950s and 1960s.

Ruth Paine House Museum
If you want to learn more about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, then this museum is where you will find plenty of information. The building housing the museum still looks like it did back in 1963.

Las Colinas Flower Clock
Flowers are possibly one of the best feature of nature. Creating a clock out of them seems like the best way to enhance their beauty. The clock has flowers adorning it year round, even though the flowers might be different throughout the year.

California Crossing Park
We all know how the Americas have been slowly explored and conquered. This park is dedicated to the first explorers of this area, and especially to those crossing the Trinity River here. Relaxing, walking, and nature watching are among the things to enjoy in this park.