Top 10 places to visit in Cape Coral – Florida

By | January 8, 2018

Cape Coral - Florida

Founded on 1957 Cape Coral is one of the country’s youngest and most carefully planned cities. Located over the Mexican Golf, this paradisiac place has been chosen among the top 10 places to retire by Forbes Magazine. These are the top 10 places to visit in Cape Coral, Florida:



With over 400 mi (640 Km) of canals, and known as Waterfront Wonderland, this city has more canals than any other in the world. The mostly navigable water paths are a magnificent work of art visible from and an environmentally beneficial arrange for the city.


Rotary Park Environmental Center

This 97-acre (39 ha) park is a wonderful natural refuge for a variety of species such as amphibians, snakes, frogs, lizards and turtles. It has a salt marsh, uplands and many rocks below the surface. With a magnificent free weekly tour on butterflies, the place is also a preferred spot for birds sightseeing.


Cape Coral Festival of the Arts

Held every year on the second weekend of January, this art festival summons over 300 artists nationwide and over 100,000 visitors. Several blocks of the city are flooded by great art and great food.


Cape Coral Christmas Boat Light Parade

Since 1978, yearly, all types of boats are covered with lighting decorations and navigate the canals starting at the Bimini Basin. From 4-10 PM right before Christmas, visitors can have a wonderful show and enjoy the view on a front row.


Burrowing Owl Festival

Held at the gorgeous Rotary Park, this annual event celebrates Cape Coral being the home of the largest population of the Florida Burrowing Owl. The tour teaches about the life of the official bird of the city, and that of the wild life the city is home to.


Sunsplash Waterpark

This 14-acre (6 ha) of water slides and pools are a paradise to have fun in Cape Coral, cool off from the hot temperatures, and have a thrill anytime of the year. From relaxing stream river rides, to exhilarating 5-store free fall, the place is a hub to enjoy water with all you senses.