Top 10 Destinations For Singles

By | April 13, 2018

Often when looking for vacations and destinations to go to, your more likely to find places which target families. What if your single, and are looking for a good vacation spot? Here is a top ten list which is ideal for singles of all ages and gender.

Number 1. Havana is the capitol city of Cuba which is a well known destination for singles. There are plenty of water and beach activities and being tropical the sun is shining all year round. This is also a popular destination for gamblers due to the many casinos, luxury stores, and apartments and Havana also has a vibrant night-life.

Number 2. Sin City is another popular destination among singles. Las Vegas has some of the best entertainment, hotels, night-life, clubs, bars, and casinos in the world as well as pool parties. This is a place where both single men, and women head to for their vacation, just be sure to wear sunglasses, even at night, it’s that bright.

Number 3. Ibiza is in Spain and a great place to visit if you are single. Ibiza has some of the most popular beach parties in the world which, is why so many return year after year. They also boast some of the best music nightclubs in the world, and you will find it easy to recover from your hangover in the morning looking out over the crystal clear blue and green water.

Number 4. Tokyo is the capitol of Japan and just teems with night-life. This is a very highly populated city, and is multi cultural which has a good opportunity to find a partner to travel with if that is an option for you. There are some secluded spots where people get away from the main noise for a while, don’t forget to take in the fantastic view of a city skyline from one of the many skyscrapers.

Number 5. Monte Carlo is probably best known for it’s world famous casino, but there is so much more here. The rich, and famous come here in their private yachts the huge port and surrounding area are like paradise. Here you have some of the best shopping centers, and luxurious hotels that money can buy but the casino is the place to be seen after dark.