The dos and don’ts of bringing alcohol on a flight

By | March 28, 2018

The dos and don’ts of bringing alcohol on a flight

Many people want to enjoy a glass of wine while on a trip or bring a gift, but you should first have some info on how it is done. If you never had alcohol on a flight and want to try it, read on for some tips.

First of all, you should learn whether you are actually allows to bring alcohol on a flight. Most airlines allow travelers to bring drinks in the carry on, as long as you are of legal age. However, the bottles should not be opened prior and also be kept in their original containers. In addition to this, you should know that you can bring pretty much any type of alcohol on the plane as long as it is 140 proof. Some bottle related accessories might not be allowed however, so pay attention to the rules and regulations before flying.

If you are wondering how much alcohol you can actually carry, the rules vary. For example, the containers cannot exceed 3.4 ounces if carried in the carry on luggage. However, if you plan on packing your drinks in the checked bags, the limit varies according to alcohol content. If your drinks do not contain more than 24 percent of alcohol, you can safely bring them along with no restriction, If the alcohol level is higher, you are limited to no more than 5 liters.

How much alcohol you can carry also varies depending on each country. For example, you can only bring one liter of duty free alcohol into the US. You can bring up to 5 liters however you will need to pay extra taxes as you would normally do. There are some countries like Kuwait where bringing alcohol of any type of strictly forbidden, so make sure to learn the laws of the country you will be going to.
If you want to purchase some alcohol from the duty free stores and bring it with your on the plane, you can generally do so. However, you should pay attention to the connecting flights and the laws of the countries you will have a layover in. In order to fully avoid your bottles getting confiscated before arriving to your destination, make your purchase at the last stop.

If you are wondering whether you can drink on the plane, the answer is generally yes. However, only flight attendants are allowed to serve drinks on a plane, so don’t open your bottles right there and then. This allows some control over each passenger’s alcohol intake and makes flights more pleasant for everyone. No one likes a person who is drunk on the plane, so limit your alcohol intake and only have one glass of wine.
When packing a bottle of alcohol, make sure it will not spill over during your flight. The bottles should be wrapped in plastic and maybe a soft piece of clothing like a pair of pants. By doing this you can ensure your bottles will not break and arrive safely to your destination.