Iron Springs Resort – Copalis Beach, Washington

By | March 1, 2018

Many people may want to stay away from Iron Springs Resort when hearing its name, especially if they don’t know much about it. These are just five reasons to go to Iron Springs Resort to help you change your mind.

Participate in some contest
Iron Springs Resort hosts various contests from time to time, and one of the conditions to participate is to be a guest here. No matter the big prize involved, it is still something you get without paying extra, and who doesn’t like to receive stuff for free?

Attend one of the many events
There are quite a lot of events and fairs going on around this resort. Most of these happening take place every year, so if you miss one you really wanted to attend, chances are you might plan your visit next year right when it takes place.

Come with your furry friend!
Most families have a dog these days. Most of the times, taking the dog along is not possible unless you find a pet friendly hotel or resort. There are a few rules to follow, but your friend will sure receive some free treats upon checking in, so watchout for those!

Enjoy the beach
The resort has access to a private beach that is a few miles long. One of the activities people like the most when going to the beach is trying to find pretty sea shells. You might need a license for this activity, just like for fishing, but the gift store has them both if you’re interested.

There are museums to visit as well
Depending on where a person comes from, they might not be familiar with this area much. A stop by the museum can help them learn more while seeing some pretty interesting and original pieces of art or history.