How to book the best airplane seat (10 tips)

By | January 4, 2018

How to book the best airplane seat

Going on a flight is fun but can also be stressful. Booking the best plane seat is not always easy, so read on for 10 tips in order to get info.

Decide on your requirements
The first step is deciding what kind of seat you want. Would you prefer a window seat or not? Do you have children or are extra tall? All these details can help you book the best seat on the plane.

Look at the map
Every plane has a map you should check out before your flight. This will make it a lot easier to choose your seat and check if it’s available.

Book in time
It is well known that booking early has certain advantages. One of them is being able to book exactly the seat you want as there will be plenty of available ones. However, some flight companies do not assign seats in which case you should check back before your flight.

The seat location
Not often, but there is a possibility for the last row to be fully free. In that case you may consider asking the attendant whether you can switch. If you want to avoid all the noise and get some sleep, don’t choose a seat at the back of the plane. Keep in mind some areas are more lighty than others, so choose a darker one if you want to catch some shut eye.

Read about the seats
You may want to do some research and learn more about seat types before making a decision. If you are not a frequent traveler this idea could come quite in handy.

Flyer programs
If you want to get a good seat with no issues, you can always sign up for a flyer program. These usually give you the chance to choose you own seat, and are also free to sign up for.

Pay more
If you are willing to pay extra on your seat, you may be able to get the best one. Airline often offer the best seats which include extra legroom to travelers who are willing to pay extra.

Check for last minute deals
Maybe you couldn’t buy your ticket ahead of time, so check for last minute deals in order to get a good seat. While this is not always true, many airlines offer good deals to last minute travelers.

Ask your friends
If you don’t travel often, a good idea would be asking your seasoned traveler friends about good seats. They might be able to provide some insight and help you get the best seat on the plane.

Keep your calm
Don’t get very stressed if the seat you wanted is not available at the moment. Try to keep your options open and your mind clear in order for your trip to remain fun.

If you keep these tips in mind before booking your flight, you can be sure to have a more fun trip that you will enjoy. Plus, you may even avoid the jet lag if you fly to a fa away destination.