Bleisure is the new black: How to plan the ultimate business

By | August 4, 2018


Many people have a rule about not mixing business with pleasure. When you travel for business this rule can be broken at times: you can definitely try and relax after a meeting or a conference. You’ll save both some time and some money at once, so you better take advantage of the situation. If you don’t know how, let us give you some tips.

Make sure you can mix pleasure and business
Some companies have strict rules when it comes to traveling for business. While they will reimburse whatever money you spend during the trip, related to business – tickets and accommodation, they most likely won’t refund extra nights or alcohol.If you want to build and continue a relationship based on trust with your superiors, you better ask for permission before you make a reservation for an extra night or two.

Make appointments at the beginning or the end of the week
If you decide for a meeting on a Friday or a Monday, there is no point in informing your boss you’ll be staying there over the weekend as well, unless you expect him to pay for it. Depending on the type of business you’re in, flying there a day early might be needed, or you might have to fly again after the meeting. In these cases booking another night might make more sense with your manager.

The frequent flier program can be helpful
It seems you’re flying often for business purposes, so why don’t you join a frequent flier program? You’ll be able to collect air miles that can usually be redeemed for a free plane ticket or even better, an extra hotel night. You’ll just have to make sure that you can stay for one more night before redeeming the rewards.

Make sure your hotel or airline can refund you
You’ll rarely have to ask for a refund from airlines or hotels: this usually happens when the meeting is cancelled or postponed. No matter what or where you book, make sure you can get your money back should you be changing your plans at the drop of a hat. If they refuse to give you your money back, perhaps they will be willing to give you credit towards something else you might be more likely to use.

Take advantage of the airport’s lounge
You’ll need a membership, and as someone who flies often, you should own one. You’ll have a more quiet place to work a little bit on your project or presentation, print whatever pages still need printing, get something to eat and drink, or check your emails. Your company most likely won’t pay for this membership, however it is a perk you could find useful, at least from time to time.

Carefully plan your trip
You should know that it is not always possible to combine business and pleasure, usually simply because there is not enough time to do so. When you travel on a schedule you’ll have little options to relax, and therefore making a reservation for more nights or redeeming rewards for instance is simply pointless.