An insider guide to travel style: How to pack like a fashion pro

By | January 19, 2018

How to pack like a fashion pro

Packing to go on a trip is sometimes the most difficult part, especially when you don’t really want to travel. There are some people who have no idea of how or what to pack. We checked out how fashion pros do it and we bring you their tricks. Read on!

Keep in mind your destination
This basically means you won’t need a winter or a thick jacket if you travel somewhere hot, in the middle of the summer. If your hotel has a pool, you might want to bring a swimsuit along, just in case – it is really small and lightweight. Even if you don’t get to use it for swimming or lounging in the sun, you could use the bikini or the top instead of lingerie, if you somehow didn’t bring enough of that.

What will you visit
There are high chances you’ll want to wander around and want to visit some places. Keep in mind that churches usually require people to dress modestly. Since you’ll be walking, make sure you have a pair of comfortable walking shoes – just don’t place them in your bags if you don’t want to carry a lot.

Rolling your clothes
Rolling instead of folding allows for more free space in your bag. The rule of thumb says that bigger and heavier clothes go to the bottom, while the lighter and more fragile ones on top. you’ll avoid wrinkling as well.

Get a good bag
Buying a good travel bag can be a challenge. Many people recommend a waterproof one, that is also rather light and compact. You might want to spend a little more money on it to get a good quality product and avoid it breaking as soon as you zipped it up. If it has several pockets and compartments, it will help you stay organized too.

Don’t pack uncomfortable clothes
Uncomfortable clothes are usually the ones you never or barely wore at home. Wearing them while on the plane or on the train will only make you more tired and grumpy and you risk ruining your vacation. Leggings for instance are lightweight, comfortable and work great under a skirt or dress. Make sure that whatever you’ll put over the leggings, it covers your bottom, for a more stylish appearance. However, make sure they’re not very tight on you because your feet and ankles will swell on flight.

Have an outfit in your carry on
Many people have a carry on and a checked luggage. However, if your checked luggage gets lost, you’ll need some clothes and having them in your carry on will make your life easier. Don’t forget to include a pair of panties and socks, though if you don’t you can easily shop for these.

Pack in threes
Some people pack 2 outfits for any occasion, while others pack in threes: three shirts, 3 dresses, three bottoms, and so on. Packing neutral colors is another trick that turns you into a fashion pro with little to no effort. Any of these methods will more or less help you pack less and smarter.