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HideAway Country Inn

Take some days off work to enjoy the nature. If you are looking for a place in Ohio, here are the five reasons to visit HideAway Country Inn. Restaurant and Pub The Inn features an amazing restaurant that satisfies any taste. This stylish but casual place offers great vegetarian meals, as well as the most… Read More »

Top 10 places to visit in Richmond – Virginia

These are the top 10 places to visit in Richmond (Virginia) and why, in case you ever wanted to visit this city. Canal Walk Build at the orders of George Washington, this walk connected the east coast harbors with the western markets. Today, the 1.25 miles long Walk tells the 400 years long history of… Read More »

Top 10 Destinations For Singles – Part 2

Number 6. Acapulco in Mexico is another favorite destination due to it’s fabulous beaches and night-life. There are romantic vistas, and steep mountain hills surrounding the whole area which is very popular among solo travelers. There are plenty of bars, and clubs at night and they say this place looks and feels romantic even in… Read More »

Top 10 Tips On Vacation Personal Safety – Part 2

Tip 6. Take a medical kit. This is probably not even going to be needed, but it’s always better to be prepared. Medical kits should include basic things like headache pills, tummy upset pills, band aids, and bandages, and some antibacterial solution to clean cuts. Tip 7. When going on vacation in out of the… Read More »

Ten resources for your first trip to overseas vacation

Ten resources for your first trip to overseas vacation Using the right travel resources is important to book a great trip. Do you know that there are sites to help you book the flight, accommodation and other travel related stuff? Do you know that there’s, are Apps that will help you get an accommodation based… Read More »

Fort Wayne

It ends up that there’s all kinds of things to see and do in Fort Wayne, Indiana, There’s probably a festival to suit your fancy, or a number of other attractions that will make this an ideal vacation spot. Things to See Broadway at the Embassy in Fort Wayne This is a different type of… Read More »

Ten things to do on a spa holiday

Ten things to do on a spa holiday Some people get nervous when the idea of going to spa holiday hit them, you’re are not alone, I have experienced that too, but today, I’m enjoying it. Spa holiday is one of the effective methods of relaxation after a stressful long spell in your official engagement.… Read More »

Trump International Hotel Las Vegas – Nevada

There is no need to sacrifice your need for luxury when you stay in Vegas. Here are the five reasons to go to Trump International Hotel Las Vegas. Luxurious setting No matter what room you booked, the hotel satisfies each and every taste. You can go all out and get a room that overlooks the… Read More »

What Questions To Ask Before Booking A Hotel – Part 2

Question 6. Ask about pets if you plan on taking one along. Although many hotels are allowing pets now, they can charge exorbitant fees for things like cleaning and deposits. You may also want to ask about the limitations on the pet in question. Also take relevant paperwork like vaccination for the pet. Question 7.… Read More »


Visit the Fresno Art Museum Located right next to Radio Park at the intersection of Clinton and First Streets, the Fresno Art Museum is located in the heart of Fresno. The Fresno Art Museum is also the home to some of the best collections of Pre-Columbian art on permanent exhibit. Spend the Day at the… Read More »