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If you wonder what Phoenix has to offer to tourists you should consider the number of beautiful landmarks, cultural and historical museums and recreational centers situated there. The Musical Instrument Museum, for example, is ranked as the top visited places in the city. It is the World’s only global Musical Instrument Museum and has a large collection… Read More »

Top 10 Destinations For Families

When trying to locate vacation destinations for families there are thousands to choose from making it a little difficult to decide. What we have done is compile a top ten list of family destinations, which most families will find very appealing. All destinations listed here accommodate children, and have a variety of activities to keep… Read More »

Top 10 places to visit in Wilmington – North Carolina

If you are wondering which are the most interesting places to visit in Wilmington, read on. This city is rich in touristic attractions, so you will not regret visiting it. Furthermore, the city holds a very rich history that you may want to learn about. Cape Fear Museum If you are interested in America’s rich… Read More »

Top 10 places to visit in Scottsdale – Arizona

This top 10 places to visit in Scottsdale (Arizona) and why is for those who are not very familiar with this city. The attractions are presented in a random order, therefore none is better than the other.s   Museum of the West The name seems to tell everything this museum is all about. Everything in… Read More »

Top 10 places to visit in San Bernardino – California

Traveling is an experience everyone should have from time to time. Now you’ll learn about the top 10 places to visit in San Bernardino (California) and why.   March Airfield Museum Humans always dreamt of being able to fly, and ever since this was possible, March Field helped with its development. March Field is still… Read More »


If you have chosen for your next family vacation the beautiful city of Bakersfield, you will be surprised of how many places and things you can see and do there. The most visited place in the city is the California Living Museum that is a native zoo and garden. Here you can see the emblematic bald eagles… Read More »

Top 10 Destinations For Couples – Part 2

Number 6. Iceland may not be a first choice amongst couples, but once you realize what’s in store you may just change your mind. You may see the graceful movement of whales breaking the surface of water, and huge glaciers and spectacular water falls, it makes you feel like your in a different world. There… Read More »