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Power up: A guide to US airport charging stations

Power up: A guide to US airport charging stations Technology makes it easier for everyone to stay connected wherever they are. You will be able to stay in touch with your friends and family no matter where you go on vacation. However, it is not always easy to always keep these devices charged and ready.… Read More »

Santa Barbara

Sometimes travelers forget that the destination is only part of the vacation experience. And then there are those who have recognized that a scenic drive can provide sweeping vistas of the Pacific Ocean, sandy windswept beaches and soaring interior mountains. This can be the experience of those traveling to Santa Barbara, California. Named after an… Read More »

Summer Cruising – 10 Tips – Part 2

Tip 6: Arrive early. This cannot be emphasized enough, whether it is to the port, or to the airport you want to arrive at least 2hrs before departure. With all the extra checks you have to go through nowadays you don’t want to arrive on your cruise frustrated and annoyed. Give yourself lots of time… Read More »

12 tips for an on the road Friendsgiving

On the road Friendsgiving Maybe you are not able to go and see your family this Thanksgiving, so celebrating it with your friends sounds like a good enough option. Even so, you should keep in mind some tips that will make your celebration more enjoyable. Choose your friends: friends are friends for a reason, but… Read More »

Treasure Island – TI Hotel & Casino – Nevada

Don’t hesitate to take a trip to Las Vegas whenever you have a few days off. Read below for the five reasons to go to Treasure Island – TI Hotel & Casino. You will not regret spending your vacation here! Visit the Casino Treasure Island is all about the casino games, and you can even… Read More »


Learn Ballroom Dancing It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you thing about Fairbanks, but one trip to the Ballroom Dance Club of Fairbanks will change your mind. They always give you the first dance of the season (September) for free, but the normal price for social dances is only… Read More »

Hallmark Resort, Newport

If you are looking for a place to get some rest and relax, consider Hallmark Resort, Newport. This elegant hotel is a suitable choice for a family holiday. Wedding receptions Your wedding can turn out to be just the way you always wanted. Hallmark Resort offers amazing wedding receptions that satisfy any guest. The staff… Read More »

Hallmark Resort Cannon Beach

America’s Pacific coast is gorgeous and definitely worth a trip. If you need a place to stay, these are the five reasons to visit Hallmark Resort Cannon Beach. Go to the Spa If you are in need of a truly relaxing experience, schedule a relaxing massage at the Spa. The therapists here use the five… Read More »