12 tips for an on the road Friendsgiving

By | January 21, 2018

On the road Friendsgiving

Maybe you are not able to go and see your family this Thanksgiving, so celebrating it with your friends sounds like a good enough option. Even so, you should keep in mind some tips that will make your celebration more enjoyable.

Choose your friends: friends are friends for a reason, but make sure you invite those who share similar interests and are generally easy to travel with. You don’t want to bump heads while on the road due to discussing routes and budgets.

Pick the right number: you should consider bringing 3 or 6 people to join you, just in case someone does not agree on all activities. More choices are also more fun, and no one will be feeling left out in that case.

Plan your activities: once you have your destination in mind, each friend can research an aspect of the trip in order to get involved. For example, you may be looking into accommodation options while another friend researches bars and things to do.

Save money: everyone in the group should agree to a budget and decide how they are gonna pay for themselves. These are things that should be discussed beforehand, and you may even be able to save some thanks to room sharing and tipping.

Discuss packing: decide what activities you will attend and make sure everyone in the group is on the same page regarding this. For example, if you will attend fancy parties this should be communicated beforehand. If you go to a location where a visa is required, make sure your friends know this too.

Compromise: make sure to just focus on having fun with your friends and avoid deep topics. People can get quite tired on a trip, and in that case you should consider changing the route to something more doable.

Stay flexible: be flexible about the schedule so that everyone gets to enjoy their favorite activity. Some people may want to shop while also could be more interested in museums.

Be honest: if you have some quirks that you know might annoy your friends, make sure to give them a head up first. It will improve communication and make things simpler for everyone.

Have some alone time: everyone needs some alone time once in a while, so make sure your friends have the privacy they want when they need it.

Rent an apartment: when you are in the road with friends, you will probably want to be cooking. This will save you some money, so an apartment with a kitchen is the best idea.

Enjoy a meal
Maybe you don’t want to be cooking, and in that case you can simply go to a cozy restaurant and eat there. You will make amazing memories to be remembered for years to come.

Make more friends
You may get the chance to meet and make new friends while on the road, so take this chance if you want to make new connections. Your Thanksgiving can be a lot more fun this way.