How to get a US passport

How to get a US passport If you want to go on a vacation to US anytime soon, you will quickly realize a passport is needed. Even if this is inconvenient, the process of getting an US passport is pretty easy to go through. First of all, you should know why you want to get… Read More »

How to book the best airplane seat (10 tips)

How to book the best airplane seat Going on a flight is fun but can also be stressful. Booking the best plane seat is not always easy, so read on for 10 tips in order to get info. Decide on your requirements The first step is deciding what kind of seat you want. Would you… Read More »

Extreme makeover: 13 airport facelifts around the world

Extreme makeover: 13 airport facelifts around the world Airports also need make-overs from time to time. Sometimes they gt too popular and therefore they need to expand, sometimes they look dated, so they need to keep up with the trends. Let’s see some amazing airport transformations, from around the world! Toronto Pearson International Airport This… Read More »

Bleisure is the new black: How to plan the ultimate business

Bleisure Many people have a rule about not mixing business with pleasure. When you travel for business this rule can be broken at times: you can definitely try and relax after a meeting or a conference. You’ll save both some time and some money at once, so you better take advantage of the situation. If… Read More »

12 tips for an on the road Friendsgiving

On the road Friendsgiving Maybe you are not able to go and see your family this Thanksgiving, so celebrating it with your friends sounds like a good enough option. Even so, you should keep in mind some tips that will make your celebration more enjoyable. Choose your friends: friends are friends for a reason, but… Read More »

Summer Cruising – 10 Tips – Part 2

Tip 6: Arrive early. This cannot be emphasized enough, whether it is to the port, or to the airport you want to arrive at least 2hrs before departure. With all the extra checks you have to go through nowadays you don’t want to arrive on your cruise frustrated and annoyed. Give yourself lots of time… Read More »

Summer Cruising – 10 Tips

Summer cruising is a great way to spend your vacation. Having said that, there are a few extra things you can do to make that trip even more worthwhile. We have put together ten tips for summer cruising that you may not have considered. Tip 1: Research your cruise. This may sound boring but you… Read More »